Shaping Policy

MDI project teams demonstrate how data-informed research can shape the policy conversation with community members, policy makers, and academia. The breadth of the research questions highlights the wide-range of topics that MDI teams are tackling:

How do we make data governance easier so that we ensure secure, responsible use of data for research and evaluation?

What are the most effective ways to help local, state, and federal governments build capacity to develop robust standards and tools for population measurements?

What approaches are most informative for measuring the quality of the 2020 Decennial Census?

How do we design location indicators to better identify problems in our local communities?

What data and tools are available to support civil justice in the United States?

How do we help governments and NGOs better forecast the mass movement of people who are forcibly displaced?

What data and tools are available to fight for environmental justice and resist climate change?

When does online conversation lead to legal and policy change?