Data Sampling & Measurement

Understanding the representativeness of different subpopulations is complex when developing nationally representative surveys, but it is even more challenging when building samples from publicly shared user posts. MDI researchers work to understand how to reweight samples to make them more representative of populations of interest. They also develop standards for constructing different types of variables and determining the reliability of different types of measurements. This is particularly important when developing measurements using big data sources, e.g. social media, newspapers, mobile phones, satellite images, etc. Representative samples and reliable measurements are necessary for developing evidence-based public policy. 

Place-based indicators project: This project seeks to advance easy access to high quality location-based indicators that use administrative data, federal statistical data, private data, open data, and everything in between.

S3MC: This project focuses on developing methods for using social media data to better understand public opinion as it relates to politics, the economy, and parenting. It also considers the role misinformation plays in public perceptions.

Mosaic: This project links survey and social media data to investigate ways to improve measurement of public opinion as it relates to vaccines, the economy, and K-12 education.


Michael Bailey (He/Him)

Department of Government and McCourt School of Public Policy, Colonel William J. Walsh Professor

Shweta Bansal (She/Her)

Department of Biology, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor

Leticia Bode (She/Her)

Department of Communication Culture and Technology, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor

Sandeep Dahiya (He/Him)

McDonough School of Business Entrepreneurship and Finance, Akkaway Professor

Robin Dillon-Merrill (She/Her)

McDonough School of Business Operations and Analytics, Professor and Area Head

Nada Eissa (She/Her)

McCourt School of Public Policy, Associate Professor

Jonathan Ladd (He/Him)

McCourt School and Department of Government, Associate Professor

Dayanand Manoli (He/Him)

McCourt School of Public Policy, Associate Professor

Amy O’Hara (She/Her)

Director of Georgetown Federal Statistical Research Data Center
MDI, Research Professor

Carole Roan Gresenz (She/Her)

Department of Health Management & Policy and MSPP, Professor

Rebecca Ryan (She/Her)

Department of Psychology, Professor

Lutz Sager (He/Him)

McCourt School of Public Policy, Assistant Professor

Lisa Singh (She/Her)

Director of MDI
Department of Computer Science and McCourt School of Public Policy, Professor