MDI Scholars Spring 2023 Research Showcase Posters

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Air Quality in Schools and Federal Spending on School Bus Electrification

Nikhila Iyer, MS-DSPP ’23 
Ethan Rosenbaum, MPP ’23
Elise Rust, MS-DSAN ’23 
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey
Partner Organization(s): Of interest for potential work with Aclima and Purple Air

American Community Survey: Administrative Record Use

Audrey McIntyre, MS-DSPP ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Amy O’Hara

Modeling Ukrainian Movement Patterns Using Organic Data

Didier Akilimali, MS-Computer Science’23
Aidan Pizzo, BS – Mathematics ’23
Sonali Subbu Rathinam, MS-DSPP ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Lisa Singh and Dr. Nathan Wycoff

Contextualized Embeddings for Large-k Topic Models of Political Texts

Xinyu Li, MS-DSAN ’24
Haoxuan Weng, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. NaLette Brodnax

Killer Robots, the Climate Scam, and Poisonous Vaccines: Understanding Scientific (Mis)Information on Twitter

Fiona Calcagnini, BS-Economics ’23
Sabrina Kwenda, BS-STIA ’23
Rich Pihlstrom, BS-Computer Science ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Lisa Singh and Autumn Toney
Partner Organization(s): CSET

Supporting Efficient Federal Program Operations: Automating the LIHEAP Funding Formula

Alia Abdelkader, MS-DSPP ’23
Caroline Adams, MS-DSPP ’23
Maggie Sullivan, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey
Partner Organization(s): Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – Administration for Children and Families, Office of Community Service

Comparing the performance of three name-based race prediction models

Sai Srujana Illa, MS-DSPP ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Maria Alva and Dr. Jaren Haber

Using Agent-Based Models to understand disaster response

Yujie Chen, MS-DSAN ’23
Naiqiu Zhan, MS-DSPP ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Evan Barba

DistrictView: Constructing a Large-Scale Database of U.S. School Board Meeting Transcripts

Natalie Smith, MS-DSAN ’24

Abigail Wolfe, MS-DSPP ‘24

Collaborator(s): Dr. Rebecca Johnson

Comparing Lexicon, Classic Learning, and Neural-Based Models for Sentiment Detection of Twitter Posts

Kate Liggio, BS-Computer Science ’24
Jenny Park, BS-Computer Science and Justice and Peace Studies ’24
Qihang Wang, MS-DSAN ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Lisa Singh, Dr. Ameeta Agrawal, and Yaguang Liu

Comparing Congressional Candidates Using Alternative Word Embeddings Approaches

Ryan Ripper, MS-DSPP ‘23

Shaila Sundram, MS-DSPP ’23

Colette Yeager, MS-DSPP ‘23

Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey

Exploring Civil and Criminal Legal System Interactions among those in Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

MinAh Kim, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Rebecca Johnson
Partner Organization(s): Population Studies Center at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Ingesting and using America’s largest building energy dataset

Sean Conner, MPP ’23
Himangshu Kumar, MS-DSPP ’24
Yifan Liu, MS-DSPP ’23
Shaila Sundram, MS-DSPP ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey and Dr. Christopher Dick
Partner Organization(s): BlocPower

Comparing Variational Bayesian Approaches to Human Migration Modeling

Linpei Zhang, MS-Data Science ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Nathan Wycoff

Classifying Twitter Handles: Harnessing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Social Media Analysis

Abby Fremaux, MS-DSAN ’23
Hanjing Shi, MS-DSAN ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Lisa Singh, Yanchen Wang, Dr. Le Bao

Analyzing Carceral Ideology In Public and Private School Handbooks

Grace Jensen, MS-DSPP ’24
Sanha Tahir, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. NaLette Brodnax

Fostering Civil Justice Through Analysis of Trends in Court Data

Ahmad Jandal, BS-STIA ’23
Jordan Rinaldi, BS-Mathematics B.S. and MS-DSAN ’23
Collaborator(s): Dr. Amy O’Hara
Partner Organization(s): Civil Justice Data Commons

Data Communication and Community Engagement regarding the Environmental Impact Data Collaborative

Ellis Obrien, MS-DSPP ‘23

Minh Quach, MS-DSPP ‘24

Fanni Varhelyi, MS-DSPP ‘24

Ethan Rodriguez-Shah, MS-DSPP ‘24

Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey

The Silent Epidemic: Documenting the Prevalence and the Socioeconomic Disparities in Undiagnosed and Uncontrolled Diabetes in the United States

Sean Hambali, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Maria Alva