OLD Resources and Training

Linkage Project Seminars

The Massive Data Institute hosts monthly Linkage Seminars as a part of its Linkage Project series, featuring data experts discussing their work on data linkages across data types, sectors, domains, and disciplines. Watch previous seminars or RSVP to upcoming seminars.

Blog Posts

The staff at the Massive Data Institute periodically publishes blog posts on MDI’s Medium site about administrative data, data linkage, and our projects. Check out these blog posts to learn more about our work.

Differential Privacy resources

Differential privacy is a definition that the Census Bureau is using to develop disclosure avoidance techniques to protect the privacy of census respondents in the 2020 Decennial Census. Our differential privacy database includes resources to learn more about differential privacy for those with a basic, intermediate, or advanced understanding of differential privacy. 

Census Workshop Series

The Association of Public Data Users (APDU) in collaboration with the Massive Data Institute (MDI) presents a series of town halls, trainings, a conference, and office hours to bring together data users, researchers, and other stakeholders and facilitate conversations on 2020 census data. Read more about our workshops and register.