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Explaining Differential Privacy in 3 Levels of Difficulty Nicolas SartoraircloakAll
The Census Citizenship Question was Bad. This is Worse Ali RockettThe Richmond TimesBeginner
Understanding Differential Privacy An NguyenMediumBeginner
Will the Census’s Data Privacy Efforts Erase Rural America? Claire BowenUrban InstituteBeginner
Why differential privacy is awesome Damien Desfontaines Beginner
A list of real-world uses of differential privacyDamien Desfontaines Beginner
Demystifying the US Census Bureau’s reconstruction attack Damien Desfontaines Beginner
2020 Census Data Products: A Workshop Daniel L. Cork, Constance F. Citro, and Nancy J. KirkendallThe National Academies of Science, Engineering, MedicineBeginner
What is Differential Privacy? How will it affect our work? Diana LaveryEsriBeginner
Changes to the Census could make Small Towns Disappear Gus Wezerek and David Van RiperNew York TimesBeginner
How to Protect Privacy When Aggregating Location Data to Fight COVID-19 Jacob Hoffman-Andrews and Andrew CrockerElectronic Frontier FoundationBeginner
US Census Bureau embraces differential privacy (Abowd’s presentation) John D. CookJohn D. ConsultingBeginner
Differential Privacy: What Is It? Joshua Snoke and Claire McKay BowenAMSTATBeginner
How Statisticians Should Grapple with Privacy in a Changing Data LandscapeJoshua Snoke and Claire McKay BowenAMSTATBeginner
The COVIDSafe app was just one contact tracing option. These alternatives guarantee more privacy Kelsie Nabben and Chris BergThe ConversationBeginner
Differential Privacy:A Primer for a Non-technical Audience Kobbi Nissim et. al Beginner
Data Scientists Square Off Over Trust and Privacy in 2020 Census Kriston CappsCityLabBeginner
Census 2020 Differential Privacy Kyle R. CassalEsriBeginner
How Will Differential Privacy Impact 2020 Census Data Quality?Lauren Payne-RileyPolicyMapBeginner
To Reduce Privacy Risks, the Census Plans to Report Less Accurate Data Mark HansenNew York TimesBeginner
Implementing Differential Privacy: Seven Lessons From the 2020 United States Census Michael B. HawesHarvard Data Science InitiativeBeginner
Is noisy data good now? Differential PRivacy proponents think so Stephen GossettBuilt inBeginner
A webcomic explainer on how the census deals with digital privacy Thom DunnBoing BoingBeginner
Explainer: what is differential privacy and how can it protect your data? Tianqing ZhuThe ConversationBeginner
Differential Privacy – Simply Explained Simply Explained (Youtube channel)Beginner
Protecting Privacy with MATH (Collab with the Census) Minute Physics (Youtube channel)Beginner
Differential Privacy for Everyone (PDF Download) MicrosoftBeginner
Differential Privacy for Census Data Explained National Conference of State LegislaturesBeginner
Openmined’s Efforts For The Coronavirus Pandemic: Covid Alert App, Private Set Intersection, A Differential Privacy Wrapper And Private Identity OpenMinedBeginner
Differential Privacy (Disclosure Avoidance) and the Census 2020 Data Products Colorado Department of Local AffairsBeginner
PPMF Feedback – State of Washington Office of Financial ManagementBeginner
Differential Privacy fro Census Data Explained National Conference of State LegislaturesBeginner
Differential Privacy in the Real World: Practical Applications, Evaluations, and RelaxationsClaire McKay BowenUrban InstituteIntermediate
Almost differential privacy Damien Desfontaines Intermediate
Differential Privacy and the decennial census David Van RiperIMPUSIntermediate
Differential Privacy for Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis: An Introduction to our Blog Series Joseph Near, David Darais and Kaitlin BoecklNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyIntermediate
Idea of differential privacy and why is it important ? Sourav KumarMediumIntermediate
Implications of Differential Privacy for Census Bureau Data and Scientific Research Steven Ruggles et. alUniversity of MinnesotaIntermediate
Census Differential Privacy Exploration CaliperIntermediate
A Brief Introduction to Differential Privacy Aaruran ElamurugaiyanMediumAdvanced
Robust De-Anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly ShmatikovThe University of Texas at AustinAdvanced
A Practical Beginners’ Guide to Differential Privacy (Video) Christine TaskPurdue – CERIASAdvanced
Differential Privacy: An Economic Method for Choosing Epsilon Justin Hsu et. al Advanced
Differential Privacy Tutorial Salil VadhanHarvard CRCSAdvanced
Differential Privacy for Growing Databases Microsoft ResearchAdvanced
What is δ, and what δifference does it make? Differentialprivacy.orgAdvanced