Energy-related research is a key focus area for the EIDC. One of our main goals is to understand energy usage across the US so that researchers, policymakers, and community leaders can harness this information on building characteristics to make buildings greener, smarter, and healthier.


The EIDC platform has multiple energy consumption and pricing-related datasets (marked ‘energy’), including a newly released, massive building-level energy use dataset:

This dataset contains individual building level energy use data for 121 million buildings and thousands of variables such as building characteristics, energy usage, energy source, energy efficiency. Data sourced from real tax assessment records was used to generate estimates of energy use. This is currently the largest and highest-resolution building energy use data available for use.

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The climate TARCK uses satellites, other remote sensing techniques, and artificial intelligence to deliver a detailed, independent look at global emissions.

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Learn about the data and explore interactive visualizations.

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Learn more about zipcode-level characteristics of the data and compare with other similar datasets to analyze and validate in Python.

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