Air and Water

Focusing on the unequal distribution of water resources and air quality across racial-ethnic, socio-economic, and demographic groups, EIDC has been curating a wide range of datasets and developing an array of research projects to provide data-driven insights air and water pollution affect society today.


The most relevant Air and Water datasets are tagged as ‘Air and Water Research Hub’ on the EIDC platform. Some key datasets include:

This dataset includes daily air quality data collected by EPA monitoring stations across the U.S.

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This dataset includes ZCTA level data on PM2.5 ; demographic variables; and income variables.

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Multiple local datasets detailing water quality and pollution available.

Explore NYC Water Quality

Explore Oregon Childhood Lead Poisoning


Using data on weather, pollution and health, EIDC team members analyze the relationship between toxic air pollutants, prevalence of asthma and weather changes in the United States.

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As part of MDI’s overarching research into environmental equity concerns with air quality, this analysis is a case study of PM2.5 levels across public schools in the United States.

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Leveraging EIDC’s original methodology, this project identifies the communities served by water systems across the country and also provides a principled approach to crosswalk water service areas and census geography. By combining this data with results from the SRF project and Justice40 Initiative definition of ‘disadvantaged’ communities, the SAB project examines whether disadvantaged communities experiencing drinking water health violations have received funding to address these issues. 

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