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Research Data Center

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The Georgetown University Research Data Center (GURDC) is a joint project by the Census Bureau and the Massive Data Institute, which provides a secure data lab to enable research on restricted data sets.  To use the lab, researchers must develop a project proposal, receive approval for the project, and undergo security clearance.

The lab contains secure terminals that access restricted data; no data are stored onsite.  Researchers are monitored for compliance with security measures.  Anyone who violates security or disclosure protocols are subject to loss of privileges, as well as civil and criminal penalties.

All lab users must obtain Special Sworn Status with the US Census Bureau.  Non-U.S. citizens are eligible provided that cumulative residency in the United States is at least three years prior to application.  Graduate students are eligible to work in the RDC with faculty sponsorship.

There are no entry or project submission fees for using the lab for Georgetown and partner institutions faculty, staff, and students. If you are not a researcher at a partner institution, fees for using the RDC depend on the amount of time you will need to complete a project.  The typical fee for use of the Georgetown RDC is $10,000 (for a five-year Census Bureau project).  

There may be additional fees assessed by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) for their data products, or by the Census Bureau for data linkage. 

Please contact us to discuss lab fees or for information on becoming a partner.