MDI Scholars Summer 2023 Research Showcase Posters

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Online Social Movements: Twitter and Dobbs v. Jackson

Lauren Stipe ’25 
Sabrina Kwenda ’25

Building a Data Collaborative Centered on the Environment

Ben Burnley ‘25
Grace Jensen ‘24
Himangshu Kumar ‘24
Minh Quach ‘24
Ethan Rodriguez-Shah ‘24
Maggie Sullivan ‘24
Sanha Tahir ‘24
Fanni Varhelyi ‘24
Xinyu Zheng ‘23

Harnessing Big Data to Understand Forced Displacement in Sudan

Lina Laghzaoui ‘24
Grace Magny-Fokam ‘25
Toby Otto ‘25
Rich Pihlstrom ‘24

Organic Data as Indirect Indicators of Ukrainian Forced Migration

Apollo Callero ‘23
Kate Liggio ‘24
Eliza Salamon ‘24

Automating Education Data Pipelines

Andrew Lee ‘24

Venezuela Forced Migration Indicators

Adeline Roza ‘25
Bernardo Medeiros ‘24
Colin Hwang ‘24
Mattea Whitlow ‘25

The Black Box of School District Purchasing

Cate Walter ‘25