MDI Scholars Spring 2024 Research Showcase Posters

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DistrictView: Exploring Methods for Isolating Public Comments in School Board Meetings

Corrina Calanoc, MS-DSAN ’24
Maggie Sullivan, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Rebecca A. Johnson

Leveraging LLMs in Incident Reporting

Brian Holland, MS-DSPP ’24
Gabriel Soto, MS-DSPP ’25
Collaborator(s): Dr. Robin Dillon-Merrill

Reducing Administrative Burdens with Technological Innovation

Holt Cochran, MS-DSPP ’25
Sunaina Bakshi Kathpalia, MS-DSPP ’25
Collaborator(s): Dr. Sebastian Jilke and Dr. Donald Moynihan
Partner Organization(s): Code for America, Office of Evaluation Sciences (General Services Administration)

Compiling Data Sources to Inform Head Start Programs

Amanda Hao, BS-STIA ’26
Collaborator(s): Dr. Amy O’Hara, Rosemary Rhodes, and Gabriel Taylor
Partner Organization(s): National Head Start Association

Measuring French Racism and Misrepresentation on Social Media to Better Understand Online Perception

Xinyu Li, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Lisa Singh, Dr. Andrew Sobanet, Rokhaya Diallo, Noah Aire, and Amy Li
Partner Organization(s): Gender+ Justice Initiative

Optimizing Data Usage in Federal Government

Aastha Jha, MS-DSPP ’25
Katharyn Loweth, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey
Partner Organization(s): U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Community Services (OCS)

Democratizing Access to the IRS 990 Database, An Automated Script for Simplified, Universal Retrieval

Yunhan Zhang, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Sandeep Dahiya

A Data Collection Protocol that Protects Individual Privacy for Distributed and Sensitive Data Sources

 Alivia Castor, BS-Computer Science & Government ’25
Jason Yi, BS-Computer Science ’26
Collaborator(s): Dr. Micah Sherr, Dr. Lisa Singh, Dr. Harel Berger, and Jianan Su

Analyzing Behavioral Patterns for Immigrant Respondents

Kefan Yu, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Qiwei Britt He and Dr. Katharine Donato

Federal Spending: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law — Evaluating the Impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law across Disadvantaged Communities under Justice 40

Madhvi Malhotra, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey

Analyzing Carceral Ideology : Metadata Database Construction on Public and Private School Handbooks

JaeHo Bahng, MS-DSAN ’25
Collaborator(s): Dr. NaLette Brodnax

Predicting Forced Migration: A Comparative Analysis of Organic and Traditional Indicators

Rich Pihlstrom, BS-Computer Science ’24 MS-DSAN ’25
Bernardo Medeiros, BS-Computer Science ’24
Kate Liggio, BS-Computer Science ’24
Jenny Park, BS-Computer Science & Justice and Peace Studies ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Lisa Singh, Dr. Katharine Donato, Dr. Ali Arab, and Dr. Helge Marahrens

A Federal Workforce Data Commons

Haiyang Chen, MS-DSPP ’24
Linlin Wang, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Mark Richardson and Benjamin Reese

Reading Policy Documents using AI: Fine-tuning Open-source LLMs for Custom Tasks using LoRA

Himangshu Kumar, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey
Partner Organization(s): Atlas Public Policy, EPIC, Statt

Examining the Intersection Between Wildfires and Political Representation in Australia

Raunak Advani, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Le Bao

Auditing Probabilistic Genotyping Software Used in Forensic DNA Analysis

Roy Hwang, BS-Computer Science ’25
Julia Nonnenkamp, BS-Computer Science & Mathematics ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Elissa Redmiles, Dr. Lisa Singh, Dr. Ioannis Ziogas, Dr. Lucy Qin, Christian Schoeberl, Yanchen Wang, Stevie Glaberson, and Emily Tucker
Partner Organization(s): Georgetown Law Center

Harnessing AI to Map Political Ideologies: Challenges and Strategies for Cost-Effective Deployment

Zhiqiang Ji, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey

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