MDI Scholars Fall 2023 Research Showcase Posters

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Environmental Justice Data Solution: A Holistic Approach

Madhvi Malhotra, MS-DSPP ’24
Minh Quach, MS-DSPP ‘24
Fanni Varhelyi, MS-DSPP ‘24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey

Deciphering Lawmakers’ Ideologies: Integrating Machine Learning and Large Language Models

Zhiqiang Ji, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey

The Graying of the Federal Workforce

Haiyang Chen, MS-DSPP ’24
Linlin Wang, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Mark Richardson and Benjamin Reese

Evaluating the Reach & Efficacy of Head Start Locations

Amanda Hao, SFS-STIA ’26
Collaborator(s): Dr. Amy O’Hara and Gabriel Taylor

Sentiment and Emotion as Tools for Forced Migration Prediction?

Rich Pihlstrom, BS-Computer Science ’24 MS-DSAN ’25
Bernardo Medeiros, BS-Computer Science ’24
Kate Liggio, BS-Computer Science ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Lisa Singh, Dr. Helge Marahrens, and Dr. Nathan Wycoff
Partner Organization(s): Research Experience for Undergraduates National Science Foundation

Spatial and demographic patterns of building-level emissions in Washington D.C.

Anthony Moubarak, MS-DSAN ’24
Himangshu Kumar, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey and Ahmed Eissa
Partner Organization(s): DC Department of Energy and Environment

Automated pipeline to extract wetland damage data from US Army Corps of Engineers notices using LLMs

Himangshu Kumar, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Michael Bailey and Xinyu Zheng

Building A Data Collection Protocol to Preserve Privacy

Jamie Spoeri, BS-Computer Science ’25
Jason Yi, BS-Computer Science ’26
Collaborator(s): Dr. Harel Berger, Dr. Micah Sherr, Dr. Lisa Singh, and Jianan Su

Learning Lessons from Incident Reporting

Brian Holland, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Robin Dillon-Merrill

Exploring the Patterns of Toxic Release: Towards Environmental Equity

Raunak Advani, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Le Bao

Tracking Cross-National Score Trajectory in PISA with Dynamic Time Warping Methods

Kefan Yu, MS-DSAN ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Qiwei Britt He

Exploring Methods for Privacy-Protecting Administrative Record Linkage

Alicia Gopal, BS-Political Economy ’25
Collaborator(s): Dr. Amy O’Hara and Dr. Nathan Wycoff

DistrictView: Building a First-of-Its-Kind Database of U.S. School Board Meeting Transcripts

Corrina Calanoc, MS-DSAN ’24
Maggie Sullivan, MS-DSPP ’24
Collaborator(s): Dr. Rebecca A. Johnson

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