Massive Data Institute Announces Spring 2023 MDI Scholars Cohort

The Massive Data Institute (MDI) is pleased to announce our Spring 2023 MDI Scholars Cohort. The MDI Scholars program was launched in 2019 and this semester we have our biggest cohort yet with 43 students, coming from undergraduate and Master’s programs across the University, including Data Science in Public Policy, Data Science and Analytics, Computer Science, Government, Math/Stats, Gender Studies, and Public Policy. This Spring, MDI Scholars will work with faculty and practitioners to help advance research to inform public policy in different areas, including forced migration, environmental science, civil justice, education, health equity, social media measurement, scientific misinformation, and politics and polarization.

“The excitement and energy around this program is contagious. I look forward to seeing the continuation of research from the fall and the new research that is beginning this semester.”

Professor Lisa Singh, Director of MDI

“I’m beyond excited to be joining a group of intelligent individuals of varying interests and strengths brought together by data-driven policy work. I hope to use my technical skills for social good.”

Kate Liggio, New MDI Scholar

“I’m excited to apply the quantitative and technical skills I’ve learned in the classroom to real policy scenarios. By collaborating with HHS, I have a chance to see data in action for public good.”

Margaret Sullivan, New MDI Scholar

Mark your calendars. The MDI Scholars Showcase will take place on May 3, 2023. Scholars will share their research projects and current findings to the Georgetown and DC communities.