Formal Response

Formal Response — MDI’s Comment on NIST AI Executive Order

The Massive Data Institute (MDI) at the McCourt School of Public Policy and the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University (see contributors below) offer the following comments in response to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Request for Information (RFI) Related to NIST’s Assignments Under Sections 4.1, 4.5 and 11 of the Executive Order Concerning Artificial Intelligence (Sections 4.1, 4.5, and 11). The following responses specifically address the following assignments listed in the RFI (1) Developing Guidelines, Standards, and Best Practices for AI Safety and Security, and (2) Reducing the Risk of Synthetic Content. Read the response here.

The Massive Data Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute that connects experts across computer science, data science, public health, social science and public policy to tackle societal scale issues and impact public policy in ways that improves people’s lives through responsible evidence-based research. 

The Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University connects students with the ideas, skills, and opportunities to shape the digital world we live in. Current core research areas include algorithms and theory; security, privacy, and cryptography; and data-centric computing.

For any questions, please reach out to the Primary Point of Contact Elissa M. Redmiles, Ph.D., Georgetown University (

Thank you to the following collaborators for your contributions to this response:
Sarah Adel Bargal, Ph.D., Georgetown University
Grace (Natalie) Brigham, University of Washington
Nina Grgic-Hlaca, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods
Tadayoshi Kohno, Ph.D., University of Washington
Jaron Mink, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Veronica A. Rivera, Ph.D., Stanford University
Carmela Troncoso, Ph.D., École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Lucy Qin, Ph.D., Brown University
Miranda Wei, University of Washington