EIDC in the Classroom: Teaching with the Environmental Impact Data Collaborative

On July 13th from 2:00 pm to 3:00pm EDT, the Environmental Impact Data Collaborative (EIDC) is hosting a virtual informational session about how professors, educators and researchers can unleash the power of EIDC in their classroom. 

The EIDC platform provides access to hundreds of environmental data sets with billions of rows of data in a way that makes it easy for students to locate, transform, merge, visualize and analyze data. On the EIDC team, our theory is that simplifying data gathering and cleaning will help students get more quickly to the justice and climate issues they care about and to apply the analytical tools they are learning in the classroom.

The EIDC platform provides tools and templates that help students engage. Students can use R, Python, Stata and other commonly used programming languages directly in the platform. They can also refer to example projects to learn how to work with data on interesting and important projects related to environmental justice and climate change. They also offer sample problem sets for use in class.